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1955 Ferrari (Complete)

ferrari bare metal This 1955 250 GT Europa Ferrari is part of Robert and Marianne Anderson's collection. It is one of the 28 standard coupes produced by Pinin Farina. The car is shown in "body in white" (bare metal). Gentle baking soda blasting is used to remove paint and filler from body panels. The chassis tubes are silica sand blasted. All body imperfections are picked, filed and leaded. It is then sanded and metal conditioned. The car is sealed and primed with high build surfacer. After multiple block sandings sealer, base color and clear coat are applied. The car is then wet sanded and buffed. bare metal body
body picked and filed body in paint booth body in primer body sanded
install front suspension Clockwise from the top left photo shows installation of the front suspension, sound deadening and heat suppression applied to the interior surfaces, installation of various chrome plating, assembly of the engine bay, painting and installation of Barroni wire wheels, installation of dash and gauges. sound deadening added
heat suppression applied barroni wire wheels assembly of engine engine assembly
sound deadening The sound deadening is applied to the entire interior. A new bellypan had to be fabricated. Due to severe oxidation a new grill had to be fabricated also. The interior headliner is installed. The seats are upholstered and mounted. The carpet and door panels are sewn and installed. new bellypan
new grill made new grill installed interior headliner installed seats upholstered
dash completed The photos from left to right show the dash completed. The mount for the rear license plate was severely damaged and was meticulously restored. The bottom left photo shows the correct turn signals. The emblems were mounted and the car is finished and ready for it's first show which will be the Cavallino Classic in Palm Springs, Florida, on January 22, 2008. The last two photos show the Ferrari at the Cavallino Classic where the owner took three prestigious awards. Check our winners page for details. restored plate mount
correct turn signals emblems mounted emblems mounted completed ferrari
  ferrari wins show ferrari wins class