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1958 Corvette (Complete)

corvette bare fiberglass From the left clockwise, these photos of a 1958 Corvette show the car in bare fiberglass after repairs to the body. The sealer is applied to the fiberglass and an application of surfacer and guidecoat is applied. Block sanding is done after the surfacer and a final application of surfacer is applied. The car was sealed, painted and wet sanded. The last photo shows the completed chassis. sealer applied
sanding primer, sanding wet sanded chassis complete
fit body to chassis The body is fit to the chassis and assembly of the body begins. The photos below show the engine, gas tank, application of chrome and trunk assembly. fit body
gas tank engine fitted engine done fit chrome to body
engine in These last eight photos show the engine, upholstery, dash, trim and body finished, ready for show. The owner recieved his first best Corvette award at a local show. dash done
dash & interior front grill done rear body done corvette finished
  ready for show corvette picked up