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Street Rod (Complete)

1934 ford roadster kit This 1934 Ford Roadster Street Rod has a V16 Marmon engine. The photos show extensive modification to the grill, designing of the hood and sides and modification of the radiator mounts. modify radiator mounts
work to the grill sides modification hood modification body changes
lengthen hood The photos on the left and right show a new lengthened hood. The four photos below show the lowering of the body molding and the addition of a recessed license plate. hood changes
lower body moulding lower body in back body moulding changes creat recessed license plate
shorten body The left and right and two left photos below show the shortening of the body. The two right photos below show the front part of the rear fenders being shortened by 2 1/2 ". shorten body
shorten body shorten body shorten fenders shorten fenders
windshield fram made The windshield frame had to be fabricated due to lengthening of the hood and a convertible top was installed. The doors were fitted and many other adjustments were made before the frame, engine and body went to primer. The body was painted silver and raspberry red and wet sanded. The frame was assembled and the engine fitted to the frame. The body was then fitted to the frame. convertible top installed
doors fitted parts in primer engine painted body painted
body painted 2 tone body painted body painted body painted
frame assembled engine fitted to frame body fitted to frame chassis
door panels created The door panel leather was glued over sculpted foam for the interior, the carpet was dyed to match, cut and fitted to each area in the interior and the trunk. The seats were upholstered in two tone leather. The wiring was done by the customer and the cockpit was outfitted with a computer and GPS and a custom made steering wheel. The final assembly for all the finishing touches were completed and the car was first shown at the Autorama in Detroit. carpet dyed and fitted
carpet wrapped seats upholstered interior wiring by customer
fit and finish V-16 powered street rod street rod headed to Autorama V-16 Marmon engine in street rod