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1950 Muntz Jet

1950 Muntz Jet This 1950 Muntz Jet was manufactured in Evanston, Illinois by Earl (The Madman) Muntz. He used to sell TV's and radios in the Chicago area. The photo on the top left shows the fabrication of a new lift off top. The top right photo shows the fabrication of the lower panel at the exhaust pipes.The lower left photo shows the replacement of the rotted nose on the hood. The middle two photos below show the inner hood repairs and the completed, welded in panel on the hood. The last photo shows the welding of the unnecessary holes in the firewall. replace rotted nose
rotted nose inner hood repairs inner hood repairs weld holes
create window opening The first photo on the left shows the creation of the rear window opening for the lift off hardtop. The photo on the right is the fabrication of the rear window reveals. Below left shows fabrication of the tack strip for the front edge of the top. The bottom right three photos show the rear window opening, the fabrication of the outer skin of the hardtop and the finished aluminum hardtop. rear window reveals
tack strip for top create hardtop create hardtop create hardtop
in primer The photo top left show the car in primer and the photo on the right shows the application of primer surfacer. The photo bottom left shows the first block sanding of surfacer. The next photo is the final application of the surfacer. The last two photos bottom right show the seam sealer applied to all seams to keeep out dust and moisture and the car body in the rotisserie in preparation for painting and undercoating. in surfacer
sand surfacer surfacer seam sealer prepare to paint
The photo top left shows the painting of the engine compartment. The photo on the right shows the engine installed in the engine compartment. The photo bottom left shows the progress of new wiring harnesses installed, seat springs repaired & fitted and new beverage cooler/armrest installed in the rear seat compartment. The last 3 photos at the bottom show the body prepped for painting and the base color applied.
The top 2 photos left and right of this group of 6 photos show the clear coat added and wet sanding after the application of the clear coat. The bottom 2 photos from the left show the hood and trunk underside is painted as nice as the outer body. The last 2 photos on the bottom show the original Arvin heater and the heater fully restored and painted.

The 2 photos top left and right of this group of 6 photos show the Dynamat brand sound deadener applied to the firewall and the Dynaliner applied to the firewall as a sound and heat barrier. The photos bottom left to right show the beginning of the trunk being carpeted, the carpet pieces rough cut for fitting, the carpet bound and installed and preparing to install the deck lid.

The photo on the left shows the deck lid with the liner installed and the gas springs installed. The photo on the right shows the trunk completed. The bottom photos left to right show the sound deadener and carpeting installed and the padded dash created.
Muntz Jet Muntz Jet
The photos left and right show the padded dash and center console installed. The bottom photos show the final assembly taking place and the patterns made for the lexan rear windows for the hard top along with the fabrication of the interior window trim.
Muntz Jet Muntz window pattern
The first 3 photos in this group of 6 show the fabrication of the interior window trim. The middle 2 photos below show the installation of the custom made headliner and the headliner installed in the lift off hard top. The last photo of the group shows the padding installed on the lift off hard top.
Muntz custom headliner Muntz headliner installed
This group of 6 photos shows the hardtop installed, with vinyl matching the interior upholstery. From the left on the bottom are photos of the door panels being fitted, the headliner installed and the complete interior with leather dash custom made in-house. The right bottom photo shows the custom horn cap created from a muntz hubcap.
1950 Muntz Jet Muntz Jet uphostery
These 2 photos show the Muntz finished and ready for show. Our customer won an award for best paint job for the entire Concourse of America show on it's first outing.