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100S Austin Healey (Complete)

fit body panels 100S Healey This restoration is for a 1955 100S Austin Healey, serial number 3507, originally owned by Vincent Sardi of New York restaurant fame. The photo on the top left shows the repaired body panels fitted correctly and the photo on the top rightt shows the proper gapping of the doors. The bottom left three photos show the creation and fabrication of a new grill and fitting it to the nose of the car. The last photo bottom right shows the body all prepped and ready for primer. fit door gap 100S Healey
create missing grill 100S Healey new grill made 100S Healey fit new grill 100S Healey prep body for primer 100S Healey
wheel assembly 100S Healey The photo on the top left shows the wheel assembly and the photo on the right shows the disc brakes finished. The photo bottom left shows the chassis assembly. The last three photos from the left bottom in this group show the engine, interior and the spare wheel compartment completed. disc brakes 100S Healey
chassis assembly 100S Healey 100S Healey engine 100S Healey interior 100S Healey spare tire
100S Healey grill The photo top left in this group shows the front of the car finished with the hand fabricated grill. The right photo shows the trunk and the last two photos below are the Healey completed and ready for show. 100S Healey trunk
  100S Healey finished 100S Healey finished